ISSN (Print): 2224-9354
ISSN (Online): 2305-1434


  1. A manuscript should be submitted to the editorial board together with a recommendation prepared by the author’s institution and a review by a specialist with PhD degree. The review should give an objective appraisal of scientific and methodological aspects (merits and demerits) and contain a recommendation for publication; it should be signed by a reviewer and stamped.
  2. The editorial board reviews all manuscripts to offer an expert judgement. All reviewers are recognized scholars who have published their own papers with the same subject matter within the last three years. The reviews are kept by editorial staff for five years.
  3. A decision on publishing is made by the editor-in-chief or, in case of controversy, by the editorial board as a whole within one month from submission. Should any remarks be made, the editor returns the manuscript for revision. The revised paper is submitted for further reviewing to the original reviewer.
  4. The editorial board sends copies of the reviews or a motivated refusal to authors and is obliged to send copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon the corresponding enquiry.
  5. The journal reserves the right to reject the papers which do not respect specific formatting requirements. In rejecting a manuscript the editorial board forwards a motivated refusal. The editorial board does not intend to maintain discussion with authors of the rejected manuscripts. The manuscripts are not returned.
  6. The authors submitting their manuscripts express their consent to publish the papers in open sources (including this web-site) and to transfer their texts (links, references, etc.) to those who require corresponding data or those who intent to cite the publication.
  7. Graduates/postgraduates are not charged for publishing. Fees are not paid to authors.

Please read the formatting requirements here.



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