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Each scientific paper provided to the Editorial Board of Journal Bulletin of Perm National Research Polytechnic University «Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science»  must necessarily be a review of the scientific profile of the respective specialist ( doctor of sciences , professor ) . In addition , it should be given the recommendation of the Department , provided the publication of articles (without co-authorship with the candidates and doctors of sciences) students, candidates for a degree of candidate of technical sciences.
All materials must be open. The presence of a restrictive neck serves as a base material for the shutdown of open publication.
Article received by the editorial board and the corresponding profile of the concept and theme of the magazine, are reviewed. Deciding on compliance / non-compliance Received items profile concept and theme of the magazine is the exclusive subject of a consensus decision of the editorial board. After approval of the materials (or harmonization of the various issues with the author) says the author of the editorial board of the decision on publishing the work or the author sends a reasoned refusal.
The authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of the above information, the lack of data that can not be open publication, and the accuracy of the information on the cited literature.
The Editorial Board does not guarantee the publication of all submitted materials. The article will not be accepted for consideration if it is published or sent to other publications; The authors did not provide the full range of their personal data in accordance with the rules for authors; formatted text does not meet the above mentioned rules.
Publishing editors send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for admission to the editors of publication of the corresponding request.
ORDER review of manuscripts

1. To review by scientists involved with a recognized authority and working in the field of knowledge to which the content of the manuscript belongs. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and have for the last 3 years of the publication of peer-reviewed articles on the subject.
2. The reviewer can not be the author or co-author of the book under review, as well as the supervisors' s degree candidates and staff units, in which the author works.
3. The authors present an external review when submitting manuscripts, which, however, does not rule out the usual order of the review.
4. Reviewers are not allowed to take advantage of the knowledge of the content of the work prior to its publication.
5. Reviewers are required to follow the adopted policy of the scientific journal Bulletin of PNRPU «Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science» in terms of compliance with ethical standards in the publication of articles.
6. Review prepared by the standard proposed edited form (Appendix 1), or in a free form, with obligatory coverage of the following provisions:
- The relevance of the present article.
- The scientific novelty of the research areas considered in the article.
- The significance of the problem (the problem), or of the results for the further development of theory and practice in the given field of knowledge.
- The adequacy and modern research methods.
- The adequacy of the study material.
- The correctness of the discussion of the results.
- Compliance with the goals and objectives of the conclusions of the study.
- Admissibility of the volume of the manuscript as a whole and its individual elements (text, tables, illustrations, bibliographic references).
- The feasibility of space in the article tables, illustrations and their compliance with the stated topic.
- The quality of an article: the style, terminology, wording.
The final part of the review should be kept informed of the conclusions of the article as a whole and a clear recommendation about whether it should be published in the magazine or on the need for its revision.
In the case of a negative evaluation of the manuscript as a whole (recommendation not appropriate publication), the reviewer must justify its conclusions.
In the case of non-compliance of the manuscript to one or more criteria reviewer points out in a review of the need to finalize the article and the author makes recommendations for improving the article (with an indication of inaccuracies and mistakes made by the author).
7. Revision of the author informs the result of the review. Article modified by the author, again sent for review to the reviewer who made critical remarks, or other at the discretion of the publisher.
8. In case of disagreement with the observations of the author of the reviewer, he may apply for re-reviewing or withdraw the article, as reported by the editorial board of the Journal.
9. In the event of a negative review article is transferred to another reviewer who is not informed about the results of the previous review. With a negative result of the repeated review copy of the negative reviews are sent to the author (s).
10. The final decision on whether the publication after the review is taken by the editorial board.
11. It is not allowed to be published in the Journal:
- Articles which subjects not related to the scientific direction of the Journal;
- Article is not designed properly, the authors reject the technical improvements of articles;
- Article in which the authors did not realize the processing of articles on the constructive comments of the reviewer.
12. Adoption of terms of consideration and review of manuscripts - not more than 3 months.
13. The Editorial Board holds review within 5 years.
14. Revision of the manuscript does not keep not accepted for publication. Manuscripts accepted for publication will not be returned.
15 publications Edition sends to the authors of submissions or copies of reviews of a reasoned refusal.
16 Publishing Editorial reviews send copies to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for admission to the editors of publication of the corresponding request.



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